A Little Advice

A Little Advice

We all know that cycling and walking are great things to be doing whilst we social distance. The problem is the many people trying to drive off to places that are isolated, making them no longer isolated, or risking an injury and then needing overstretched first responders come to them.

You don't need to do that in Scotland. You can open your door and walk or cycle into relative peace and quiet. You don't need to jump in a car and drive to a trail centre. You can just head out and cruise or walk local trails. See your local area and enjoy the sunshine.

Take the easier trails and don't go hucking off drops if you're out on a bike.

Stay 2 meters apart, which is just over 1 bike length.

Don't hang out at the top of trails.

Make sure everyone around you has loads of room.

Have fun.

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