BSD Freedom BMX Frame

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BSD Freedom BMX Frame

The BSD Freedom frame is the signature model of Kriss Kyle. We're sure you've heard of Kriss Kyle but if not, check out some of these videos.

Now we can't guarantee that buying a Freedom BMX frame will let you ride like Kriss, but it'll definitely be a step in the right direction.

The Freedom frame features

According to BSD, "Kriss Kyle's signature Freedom frame, designed to perform well on all terrain this frame combines the stability of a low 11.5" BB, the responsiveness of a 75° head angle and the versatility of a short rear end. To create a stiffer rear triangle we've utilized an invest cast wishbone and invest cast seat stay bridge, great for sideways landings!"

I deleted one of the exclamation points at the end as I still work with Terry Pratchett's theory on multiple exclamation points. If you don't know it, go and read some of his books.

What we think about the Freedom frame

bsd freedom bmx bike

If you want to manual around everything, the short back end and low bottom bracket height make this a cinch. You'll find a new distance to your manuals and that doing them at speed is a lot of fun. Remember and don't yank your bike up.

With the steeper head angle of 75°, you'll also find nose manuals fun. It'll be harder than some of the super steep street frames but you'll find that at speed the Freedom frame is less likely to want to dump you. You have a nice balance between quick steering and stability for when you want to roast.

Speaking of roasting, you'll find the rear wishbone makes the frame stiffer. If you were a roadie we'd say this helps to transfer your pedal stroke more efficiently to your rear wheel, but we're not so we'll just say you find racer speed without the need for roids.

What we like about the Freedom frame is that it combines tech with speed. Which just makes it a load of fun. If you want to throw flairs willy nilly and then boast a set of rhythms then the Freedom may just be the frame for you.

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