Can I Ride a Stunt Scooter on a Pump Track?

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Can I Ride a Stunt Scooter on a Pump Track?

We often get asked if people can ride a scooter on a pump track or is it only for bikes? The simple answer is yes you can ride a scooter on a pump track, and more importantly it will be a lot of fun.

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Riding a scooter on a pump track

It is pretty easy to find out how t ride a bike on a pump track. You'll find blogs, vlogs, and magazine articles all devoted to the topic. It is much harder to find information on how to ride a scooter on a pump track, but trust us it is pretty simple.

One of the simplest tips for riding a scooter on a pump track is to look where you want to be. Many people look straight down at their bars and the only way you can go when you look there is down.

Compared to bikes most scooters will also help you realise when you should be pumping. Your deck will scrape on many rollers on the track and by exaggerating a pumping motion you should find your deck clears and you gain more speed.

To do this you want to spring up any roller, and then compress down the far side of the roller. Think of yourself as a coiled spring, you explode up and compress down. One of the ways to make the upwards motion is to compress yourself slightly before the roller and then the movement up will be easier.

It is as if you want to bunny hop the roller but still keep your wheels on the ground.

Scooters on a pump track

Here are a few videos to help show you the way.


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