Community Shareholder's Meeting

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Community Shareholder's Meeting

We had a community shareholders meeting on Thursday night and we'd like to thank everyone that came along and took part.

One of the things we were told about was how all these people had seen the work we do in the community but were floundering about how we didn't shout about it.

I guess we just don't like to toot our own trumpet but perhaps we should learn to. We love working for our community in both a micro and macro sense and your custom helps us to do that, even just coming in to talk to us helps us grow your local community.

We're also in the very near future going to be opening a whole raft of volunteer and employed positions, we have grown so much in the last year and now we need your help to grow further and to help us reach more people and to make them smile as if they have no cares in the world.

Any purchase you make from us allows us to bring more life-changing moments to more kids who deserve them. Buying online might be cheaper but you'll be making shareholder's richer, as we are a not for profit your money gets reinvested into your local community making it a better place for everyone, is that not a better idea?

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