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Heresy BMX

As a social enterprise, we feel that we should try and represent aspects of cycling that are forgotten about by more mainstream media outlets and stores. One of those areas is flatland BMX. Watch a BMX video and you'll see people pull crazy drops/gaps/tricks but watch the passersby in videos: nothing, nada, zilch, not a care in the world. Watch a flatland video, and you'll see people just stop and stare.

Flatland looks amazing

The reason people stop and stare is that they can't understand how you can ride a bike that way. How do you make it spin? How do you balance in that position? Why have you not crashed? These and many other questions go through people's heads.

They can't figure it out, and this reaction is why we feel that we want to add flatland to our plethora of cycling activities. We think it is a great way to bring new people to cycling. It may even be a great way to bring people who haven't ridden in years back to BMX. 

That as a social enterprise is part of our message, we want you to cycle, and we really don't care what style of bike you use.

So why Heresy?

We love the way the frames look. They look amazing. If we think they look amazing, then surely other people will feel that they look fantastic. If we can grab people's attention, then we can talk to them about cycling, if we can speak to them about cycling we can convert them.

Now, this might all seem sinister and a crazy marketing idea, but we want people to ride bikes, and we want active travel to be a thing, but people don't want to talk about active travel. They do though want to talk about how you balance a hitchhiker or even a steamroller. If we get people talking, we can change society.

Even better if we can get them riding flat. After all, what do you need? A bike and a piece of flat ground. You don't need Lycra (unless you want it), you don't need Strava, you don't need to argue for road space, you don't need a mountain. As a form of cycling, it requires the least amount of kit you can imagine.

It is not all sinister.


Just watch the above video. It must be great as it has a Slayer reference. Just look at how much fun people, and more importantly, the kids are having in the video. The weather probably helps to make everything look great in the south of France, but if we ever get a summer again, we want people out using their local carparks having this much fun. When was the last time you had fun in a carpark?  

Flatland BMX can bring you hours, weeks, years of fun and has a pretty low price barrier to entry compared to other forms of cycling.

Yeah, but why Heresy?

They also have a reputation for quality. One of the things you don't want from a company is issues. Having a name for making great stuff makes us way more stoked to be able to offer Heresy. We've been offered brands, and we've walked from them as some of us can remember previous warranty complaints. We don't want to go through that again, so we carefully pick the brands that we offer.

Heresy seemed like a great choice to complement brands such as BSD, Wethepeople, Sunday, and Odyssey. We don't want to offer you everything, and we want to provide you with what we feel is the best value for your hard-earned.

Keep watching, and we'll detail a build, and also feature other builds and bikes we like.

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