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We often get asked about cycle loops for people just getting cycling, and we understand that those first steps into active travel or a healthier lifestyle can be daunting. Roads feel dangerous. When we surveyed people in Wishaw, 100% of people didn't think cycling on roads in North Lanarkshire was safe. We can't change the roads without help from the council, and that takes time. Even in these Covid times, it still takes time to get practical steps in place that help to reduce Covid transmission. We can, though, help find you loops that are traffic-free and work on ways...

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We often get asked about active travel and how do we get people involved in it. The answer is simple. Active travel needs to be fun. Bikes are not just for transportation, they are fun. Scooters are fun. Skateboards are fun. Lycra isn't fun as most of us don't look good in it. Hoodies and jeans are perfect for active travel. You don't need specialist clothes for active travel. Riding down (and up) stairs if fun. Pull skids. Pull manuals. Have fun. Be a kid. Be free. Don't care what anyone else thinks.    

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