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If you follow any of our social media channels then you will have no doubt seen that we cancelled face to face work at the minute. We have done so to protect our staff and to keep everyone safe. We don't want to be responsible for spreading Covid-19.We're even trying to think about fun ways that we can cycle in the house. Little challenges that we can set ourselves and give us a little victory. A little moment of glory to help ease the passing of time until we can all freely meet up and get outside again.Yes, we know...

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This article may become the first in a semi-regular blog on things we never quite knew when we started out as an active travel hub. On that note, you can come and visit us at 20 Kirk Road, Wishaw ML2 7BL.  We love to talk about active travel, coffee, and cake, we especially love if you bring a cake in. What did we learn this week? Active travel hubs should cut keys. On that note, we should probably remove the locksmith services decal from beside our door. Active travel hubs should also offer some form of men's shed. We also...

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