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The Lockdown

If you follow any of our social media channels then you will have no doubt seen that we cancelled face to face work at the minute. We have done so to protect our staff and to keep everyone safe. We don't want to be responsible for spreading Covid-19.

We're even trying to think about fun ways that we can cycle in the house. Little challenges that we can set ourselves and give us a little victory. A little moment of glory to help ease the passing of time until we can all freely meet up and get outside again.

Yes, we know that you can go for a ride daily but we also don't want to encourage behaviour that might see you being a burden to the NHS. We don't want people riding trails that have a reasonable chance that you make get ejected. We don't think you should be throwing down on your BMX.

We want you to be safe and sound. Use your head and think of other people.

Check out our Instagram and see what ideas we come up with.

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Being stuck in the house doesn't have to be boring. Yes you can go out and get a ride in, but why stop there? You could get your Zwift on but that comes with some cost implications. What about having fun and working on your balance? It'll help give your core a work out and when we can get back outside and try riskier stuff it will pay off for you. On that note don't use your outside exercise allowance to go and ride drops, rails, or anything else risky. Don't be a burden to the NHS. So we'll embarrass ourselves over the next few days and release some indoor balance clips (we won't be using rollers as that has been done to death). #cycling #activetravel #pathsforall #bmx #flatlandbmx #stayindoors #bike #stayhome

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