Things We Never Knew About Active Travel Hubs

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Things We Never Knew About Active Travel Hubs

This article may become the first in a semi-regular blog on things we never quite knew when we started out as an active travel hub. On that note, you can come and visit us at 20 Kirk Road, Wishaw ML2 7BL.  We love to talk about active travel, coffee, and cake, we especially love if you bring a cake in.

What did we learn this week?

  • Active travel hubs should cut keys. On that note, we should probably remove the locksmith services decal from beside our door.
  • Active travel hubs should also offer some form of men's shed.
  • We also need to find out more about helping with CVs/application forms.
  • Scotland is the rain cloud capital of the world, every rain cloud is travelling here to spawn.
  • The local cafe delivers food.
  • Everyone thinks the local roads are dangerous.
  • We need a sofa for the number of people who just want to come and talk to us. We too are surprised that people willingly want to talk to us.



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  • Wilma Phillips

    Really pleased to hear about your project. Will pop in soon and bring cake. If you have anyone wanting to give road cycling a go the Law Wheelers CC is a really friendly, inclusive and supportive local club.

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