Why Did the Danes Do so Well?

GCN recently ran an article on how the Danes used off the shelf equipment to destroy the team pursuit world records. A few people we know have been talking about this, and one of the things we feel is missing is the talk of active travel.


Why active travel?

In the UK, we have a belief in trying to find the best and coaching them to become even greater. What we seem to miss out on, is that if we have a much broader base, then we'll have an even higher pinnacle. The easiest way to get this is to make sure we have as many people on bikes as possible is to make active travel work.

We need to make cycling fun, make coaching fun, and preach that you don't need all the gear to get out on a bike. You just need a bike and a can-do attitude. We need to look at the Netherlands and Denmark and follow their initiative.


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