Wishaw Traffic Free Cycling Loops #1

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Wishaw Traffic Free Cycling Loops #1

We often get asked about cycle loops for people just getting cycling, and we understand that those first steps into active travel or a healthier lifestyle can be daunting. Roads feel dangerous. When we surveyed people in Wishaw, 100% of people didn't think cycling on roads in North Lanarkshire was safe.

We can't change the roads without help from the council, and that takes time. Even in these Covid times, it still takes time to get practical steps in place that help to reduce Covid transmission. We can, though, help find you loops that are traffic-free and work on ways of linking them up that are traffic-free or low traffic roads.

One of our first routes is a little 3 to 5 minute loop that features no cars. It is though a shared access path, so please be considerate to other path users. We sat down and tried to think of ways to show you the loop without resorting to GPX files, as we feel that can be a barrier. 

In the end, we decided that visually we can guide you around the loop. Watch the YouTube video below or look at the photos and route guide below that, and as always, if you have any questions, then feel free to message us.

Our first loop is what we call The Templars and it takes you through a small urban woodland and along the ash path of Belhaven Park. 

There is a car park is located just off Dryburgh Road, ML2 7AY.

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belhaven park, wishaw cycle loop

 Start the ride in the carpark at Belhaven  Park

belhaven park, wishaw carpark

Go down the asphalt path at the side of the car park. You'll see a dirt track come off it just before the play park, follow that path.

belhaven park, wishaw gravel track

Head for the wall that is broken with a path going through it. You'll want to keep right here. This part of the loop features a very short climb, if you come in with a little speed you won't even notice it.

belhaven park heading into a woodland in wishaw

After the climb start to head left, and then follow the path as it slightly curves right.

woodland path ride in wishaw

Then you'll see a nice little roller, you have a choice here of taking the more mountain bike line to the left or the gravel path to the right and then take a sharp left turn.

gravel path belhaven park in wishaw

Whichever line you take will now put you on a nice easy slight downhill run.

downhill path in belhaven park, wishaw

At the end of the downhill path, you'll be at a t-junction. Go left and head towards the hole in the wall.

hole in the wall at belhaven park wishaw

After you go through the hole in the wall you will be back in Belhaven Park. Start to ride up the ash path, it is only a slight uphill so don't worry.

ash path in belhaven park wishaw

A path will come off the ash path going to the left. Follow this path around the ash roundabout and back up to the playground. You should be able to see it. You'll have then completed your lap. It should have taken somewhere between 3 and 5 minutes.

ash roundabout in belhaven park wishaw

You can now add more laps if you want, or even do the lap in reverse. It feels a little bit more of a workout to do it in reverse.

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