teaching children cycling

At Socialtrack, we have a proven track record in working with schools and youth groups. We're building on our success to help children lead healthier and more sustainable lives, and we can deliver these projects to more children with your help.

Our action sports programmes have been found to lead to modal shift, a higher percentage than just using Bikeability. Our cycle lessons take the basic parts of Bikeability and build on them to create better cyclists and give children higher confidence when riding alone.

The higher levels of self-esteem will also rub off on other facets of their lives.

What though if the children don't want to ride?

Not everyone wants to ride a bike, which is understandable, which is why we also offer scooting and skateboarding lessons. We've found skateboarding to have great results with girls, particularly when they learn tricks and their confidence increases.

Are action sports dangerous?

All action sports are safer than ballet. The majority, around 90%, of injuries sustained in action sports happen on the first day of taking a sport up. The reason for this is a lack of guidance. Trying to skateboard alone outside your house is hard. We make those first steps, or pushes, much more comfortable and much safer.

teaching children how to ride pump tracks

We tailor our work with children to suit their local environment.

teaching children in the woods

children riding at the pump track

a successful days teaching children to ride