We offer outreach services to schools, charities, and local community groups.

We can provide lessons from balance bike up and include teaching in more niche areas of mountain bike and BMX skills. All designed to keep cycling  fun and increase participation.

learning how to jump a bike

We also have our own specific Shredability course, this course is a great precursor for schools to use before Bikeability. It helps children to grow in confidence and be less anxious when it comes to riding on roads.

If your school needs to look for active travel targets, then our Shredability course is just the thing. We've found that it has 4 times the attainment as Bikeability. Combing the two and you'll have children on bikes in next to no time, and with the skills needed to do so safely.

Shredability focuses on handling skills and doing so in a fun environment, it makes children want to ride bikes. Then when it is time to take them on the roads they are more confident. Their new found confidence will also transfer over to their learning in other areas.

kids learning shredability