Heresy BMX Descend 0/15 Removable Brake Mounts Flatland BMX Fork

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We say: If you fancy two bikes for the cost of one set of forks, then these are the forks for you. Simple and quickly you’ll be to change the offset of your forks to help tailor your bike to whichever style of session you’re on.

They say: The DESCEND 0/15 is the Flatland and Street fork we always dreamt about! Its universal dropouts will take a 10mm hub axle (male or female) with the provided 7075 aluminium insert (or even a 14mm hub axle without insert) and make your bike more flatland or street oriented by easily switching between 0 and 15mm offsets. We designed the DESCEND 0/15 to fit perfectly our ASCEND frames in sizes 20’’ and 20,5’’. The result of this combination is simply two unique flat/street bikes both in function and style.


steer tube 175mm / tire clearance 2,2 /  universal 10 or 14mm axle, 5mm drop outs / zero or 15mm offset with a special aluminium 7075 insert to switch from Zero to 15mm / weight 935g with inserts/ with or withour brake mounts / aluminium top caps / black